Key Executives

Corey Schwartz

Founding Partner

As a founder of Serinova Financial, Corey leads a company that embodies his entrepreneurial spirit, business and marketing expertise, creative drive and technological savoir-faire. With twenty-five years of experience owning and operating companies, Corey recognizes the profound importance of surrounding himself with the most talented personnel and using technology to solve everyday business problems. Guided by these principles, Corey formed Serinova Financial to address the financial needs of commercial real estate finance. As a result, Serinova is unique in its scope and singular in its focus on serving its clients in today's challenging, dynamic real estate market.

Prior to founding Serinova Mr. Schwartz was the CEO and Chairman of Programmer's Warehouse. Programmer's Warehouse was founded in 1987 based on a single software product. Mr. Schwartz expanded the focus of the company to a full service publishing and distribution organization. In nine years he built the company, through internal funding, into one of the largest and most respected specialty distributors in the software industry.

Mr. Schwartz orchestrated a sale of the corporation in August 1995 to several venture capital firms. At the time of the sale, the company carried over 22,000 SKUs, had 300,000 customers including all of the fortune 50 and sold software to almost every industrialized country. Over the nine years that the company was under his control it was always profitable, had no bank loans or venture partners.

Mr. Schwartz has been a member of YEO and served its Executive Board. He graduated from Rutgers University with a degree in Computer Science.

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